Best Alternative to Fake GPS Joystick and Routes Go for Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go is a location-based AR game, which is continuously increasing its popularity in the gaming industry. Since the release of the game, many people around the world play it. The amazing gameplay of Pokémon Go makes it more exciting for players. You need to come out of your comfort and go outside of your house to play this game. But sometimes going outside is not possible if you are not feeling well, feeling tired, or raining outside. But do you want to miss the adventure?

If no, you can also play Pokémon Go from your home, sitting at one place with a GPS spoofing iPhone. It sounds amazing, but you may think it is possible to play Pokémon Go by sitting at home. Well, the answer is Fake GPS. Many people use Fake GPS Joystick and Routes Go to spoof Pokémon Go and other location-based apps. It doesn’t seem easy to use this app as it is not easy to use and needs proper knowledge. But do not worry; in this article, we will help you with the best alternatives of Fake GPS Joystick and Routes Go. Whether you own an Android or iOS device, we have discussed the best location changer for both devices.

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Part 1- What is Fake GPSJoystick and Routes Go

This app helps you create a fake location by overwriting the GPS-driven apps and games’ location. It not only allows you to spoof your current location for playing your favorite games like Pokémon Go but also offers a joystick for more comfort. Further, with this app, you can fool your friends about your current geo-location. But, there are few problems that people face with Fake GPS Joystick and Routes Go.

There are many more fake location apps or tools, including iSpoofer iOS, to help you spoof Pokémon Go with ease.

Part 2- Best alternatives toFake GPSJoystick and Routes Go for Android users

Are you looking for the best alternative to the fake GPS joystick and Routes Go? If yes, then you go through the following applications for android devices.

2.1 Fake GPS Go

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer application is one of the best GPS spoofing apps for Android users. It is perfect for those who want to fake their GPS location for Android apps and games like Pokémon Go. If you are using the Pro version of this app, then you can use the following features:

  • Fake your entire journeys through joystick control for all your manual movements
  • For Mock Locations, you can locate stopping points on your fake route for creating more practical location spoofing.
  • For the Pokémon users, this app features Poke stops and Pokémon Go Gyms to find your favorite characters.

2.2 Hola

If you wish to set out all-in on hiding yourself, you can also merge a GPS spoofer with a VPN app to hide your device’s IP address. Fake GPS Location is an app that is provided by a VPN provider that is Hola VPN. This fake GPS location app allows you to spoof your location using a search bar or map viewfinder. This app is best because of the following reasons:

  • It can hide the places that you have searched for, spoofing your current location.
  • You can mop your location history quickly from the app for extra security
  • You can also use this app with another VPN provider for extra protection in case you find anyone is snooping on your privacy

2.3 ByteRev

As the name suggests, it is another best and safe GPS spoofer app for Android users. This app uses Google Maps to assist you in finding and spoofing different locations on your phone. Some common feature of Fake GPS – ByteRev is as follows:

For using these apps on your Android devices, you also need to allow mock location on settings. Following are the steps to enable mock location.

Step 1: Locate the build number.

First of all, unlock your phone and locate its Build Number. In most phones, it is located at Settings > About Phone or Device, while on some devices, you need to go to Settings and then Software Information. Fake-GPS-For-Android-And-iOS-1 Then tap on the Build Number option seven times continuously. It helps to unlock the Developer Options on your phone.




Step 2: Enable allow mock location.

Then go back to the Settings of the phone. Here you can look for the newly added Developer Options. Tap on it to visit it and then toggle on the Developer Options. Fake-GPS-For-Android-And-iOS-3 Now, you can see a list of the multiple developer options on your device. Tap on the “Allow Mock Locations” for turning it on.


Part 3- How to Spoof Pokémon Go on iPhone

As Fake GPS GO has no iOS version for iPhone users, you may find it difficult to spoof your location for the games like Pokémon. Now the question arises of how to spoof the locations in iOS? Well, the solution to your problem is Dr.Fone – Virtual Location. It is an amazing location changer, specially designed for iOS users.

3.1 Features of Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

  • You can teleport the GPS of your iOS device to anywhere in the world
  • It helps to simulate the movement of the GPS along the real roads or paths that you choose
  • You can freely move the GPS location with the help of a joystick
  • It can support up to five devices for spoofing the locations
  • This tool is safe and secure for all iOS devices
  • It causes no ban to you from Pokémon Go

3.2 How to change your current location in iOS using Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

The tool is specially made for iOSusers for faking the location of the iPhone or iPad. Let’s find out how you can pretend to be somewhere else with this tool.

Step 1: Install the Dr.Fone on your system.

First of all, you have to install and launch Dr. Fone – Virtual Location on your PC for changing your location. Then press Virtual Location on the main screen.  Fake-GPS-For-Android-And-iOS-4

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to the system

Establish a connection between your PC and the device. Then tap on the “Get Started” button to faking location on iPhone.

C:\Users\Lenovo\Desktop\Best altenative to fake GPS joystick and routes Go\Fake-GPS-For-Android-And-iOS-5.jpg


Step 3:

Now you can see your current location on the map of the PC. If you cannot see the current location, tap on the “Center On” situated at the lower right on the screen.



Step 4: Choose the desired mode

Then select the third icon, which is on the upper right part of the screen. This is the “teleport mode.” Now you can type the name of the location you want to teleport to and click on “Go.”



Step 5: Select the fake location of your choice.

Then the location which you have entered is recognized by the program. Further, you have to click on the Move Here option, located in the pop-up dialogue.



Now your location gets changed successfully according to your desire. You can now play Pokémon Go from your home and can catch more characters.


We hope that from the above article, you get help with many fake GPS apps to spoof Pokémon Go in 2021. If you own an iPhone, try to use a trusted and secure location changer like Dr.Fone – Virtual Location. It will not cause any security risk to your iOS device and save you fromPokémon Go’s bano while spoofing it. Try it now!