And the Reason You Don’t Have a Website?


A Website is a vital tool for enterprise proprietors. Your Website is the door to your enterprise. It is what a tailored business fit is for your private appearance.

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How, in many instances, have you ever stumbled upon the subsequent state of affairs? You meet someone who claims to be an expert in some subject. You need to study approximately their commercial enterprise and the offerings they provide; however, you’re disillusioned when you discover that they no longer have a Website.

Alternatively, while you ask for a commercial enterprise card, you realize that their Website address has been overlooked, and you’re even more surprised when you find out that this changed into no coincidence.

Not all people who claim to be a business proprietor are necessarily one, consisting of authors and writers. If someone is already shaky about your offerings and can potentially provide or carry out said offerings, you can potentially lose a consumer. Just as happy clients are excited to tell someone else about your product or service, an unhappy customer can do just the opposite and harm your reputation before your business begins. Day after day, these conditions spread, and the situations normally have the same final result in commercial enterprise. Technology is evolving and has made it fairly easy for customers to research organizations before they do any enterprise with them or buy products from them. Again, with a creator or creator, that is no distinct. After all, being a creator and an author is an enterprise.

Use your Website to your advantage for advertising and marketing purposes and to announce occasions and other information. A Website saves money and time. Before the Internet, groups depended on print advertising for their commercials. Similar to print advertising, you may use area fabric that would otherwise be high-priced to print for your website without incurring any rate. Best of all, with a Website, you’re no longer restricted in your advertising target audience. Your business can now put it on the market globally and virally, allowing you to attain audiences and consumers you couldn’t reach earlier.

Authors and or writers, there’s no purpose you ought not to have a Website. As a professional, you must look as critical and expert as feasible. Frankly, enterprise owners, tiny commercial enterprise proprietors, who have their domain names and Websites are taken more seriously than folks who do not.

Many web hosting and domain companies are very affordable. I have maintained a website because, in 1995, I used a hosting and domain firm, Netfirms.Com. I paid approximately $75 to $120 a year until 2007. I sooner or later gave GoDaddy.Com an attempt. I now have three domains through and am fascinated by what it costs me for one part with my former web enterprise. Also, web hosting for these websites is via If you’re technically savvy, you can purchase a website call for as low as $1.99 a year and host it yourself.

If you, like most Website owners, just like the ease and functionality that a weblog provides, check out WordPress.Org. WordPress has two websites. WordPress.Com is their free blogging website, and WordPress.Org is a blog provider that calls for Web website hosting to keep.


If you look at many websites nowadays, several are developing WordPress. Your Web website hosting employer can host your blog via its services, permitting you to have an arrogant URL in preference to a URL with the WordPress call. Word Press has an extensive array of unfastened and Web-primarily based Web templates. Many are customizable to fit your precise flavor.

Home: The domestic phase is the front door of your commercial enterprise. Statistics show that site visitors to your Website decide in the first ten seconds if they like what they see and whether they will keep it. Make sure the web page is visually stimulating and easy to examine. If a person is seeking your touch information, the tab must be easy to discover.

Bio: This section has to provide readers with a preview of your expert writing resume. You ought to “toot your horn” in this section. Include all of the excellent belongings you do that pertain to your career as a writer. It is okay to encompass a few non-public objects approximately yourself, but be cautious; an excessive number of records may be risky. When doubtful, go away it out. This section must consist of an expert portrait of yourself; headshots are also satisfactory.

About Books: List all your books and or paintings alongside photographs of each book. Include the books’ ISBN, launch dates, and where the books may be purchased. Allow your consumers selections. Although they’ll be capable of buying your book on, allow them to buy your paintings straight from your web page using e-commerce answers consisting of PayPal. This permits them to purchase an autographed reproduction of the ebook immediately from the author. It also helps to include a quick synopsis of your work so readers will know what they’re in store for.

Tour Schedule: Include all pre-scheduled ebook signings and appearances. This is some other form of marketing. Many readers frequent these events and are excited to discover that their favorite writer or author may be at a location close to them.

Contact Page: This is one of the most important pages. Please include your mailing address, cell phone numbers, electronic mail addresses, and any social media websites where you market your work.


Last, it is crucial to make your Website navigationally friendly and one visitors will want to revisit. Make sure the facts for your Website are cutting-edge.